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Christmas weekend.

This Christmas was pretty nice.  It’s wasn’t as snowy and awesome as last year but it was a weekend filled with sleep and cooking and a couple new things.

Saturday night I made pretzel rolls

and used them for sandwiches with sauteed sausage and onions and they were delicious!  The pretzel bread was so easy, I want to make them all the time.

Having started them the night before, I baked  no-knead pumpkin rolls on Sunday morning that were so good.  The recipe made 17 rolls; so what if I ate two for breakfast yesterday and today and one for dessert?  There’s no time like the holidays to be a fat kid :)

For Christmas dinner I made garlic schmeared rosemary chicken, butternut squash risotto with sage and bacon, crispy parmesan asparagus sticks, Martha’s trusty baked macaroni & cheese, and garlic pull apart bread (based on this recipe).

The risotto didn’t really work, I think it just lacked seasoning and I wish the squash had been more finely cut.  The asparagus wasn’t very good either.  I didn’t get pre-seasoned Panko breadcrumbs, which might have made the difference.  But all in all, the deliciousness of the chicken, bread, and pasta made up for it!  And I was pretty proud of myself for making three yeast breads in 24 hours!

One of my goals for Christmas day was to learn how to crochet granny shapes (hexagons in this case).  I pinned this photo on Pinterest months ago so following the tutorial, I made a couple and I love them!

I’m just using some Bamboo Ewe yarn I got with coupons at JoAnn’s and I thought I would stick with these same four colors the entire time but I might throw in a couple more along the way, keeping the grey outer ring a constant.  Three down, only 78 more to go!

Remember the photo I posted of the wrapped books I received and were saving for Christmas morning?  Well I eagerly opened them and spent a couple hours just flipping through the pages.

My dad so kindly got me The Break Baker’s Apprentice, Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, and The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt so I can join in on the quilt along next month!  I’m so excited about all these things.  I was really inspired by a sentiment Amanda talked about when we met at the Sewing Summit.  She talked of her desire to live a handmade life and I absolutely want to do the same thing.  Any small thing I can quilt to use around the house, making more of my own food, using my hands to knead bread and mend things; that sounds like such a rewarding life.

Oh and of course, how can I forget that I finally joined Instagram!  I love seeing everyone’s photos from there but hate that you have to have particular Apple products to use it.  I have a Mac but nothing else that would work, until Friday when Marcus brought home an iPad, a year end gift from his boss!  I won’t be carrying it around with me so I’ll only be posting things around the house but I still get to “like” and comment on other people’s things.  My name is @kaitcetera and you should follow me!

With new toys comes the creation of new things to use with them.  I noticed the hunching problem when using it while sitting down so following Betty Crocker Ass’ tutorial, I made a handy iPad rest!

The fabric was one of the only home dec fabrics I have in my stash (Amy Butler Imperial Fans in forest from Nigella), and definitely the least “girly” one.  Marcus and I have a bit of an argument about what’s manly :) I bought 5 or so yards of a wood grain fabric I fell in love with a few years ago and used it heavily in his quilt (and lots of other projects) but he insists it’s not actually manly at all. I want to make an iPad case but he said he wanted it to be black and purely functional.   What’s the fun in that?

So instead, I finally made a lined drawstring bag from Jeni’s wonderful tutorial!  It really was so simple and the fabric combinations are endless so I’m sure there are many more in my future.  I used fabric from my stash: an unknown floral print, the aforementioned wood grain, a yellow DS Quilts print, and an off-white twill tape for the pulls.

Previously unbloggable #1.

I love making quilts as gifts for people.  If only it wasn’t so hard to keep it a secret! (Warning, this is a picture heavy post.  I’m in love with this quilt!)

This one was especially hard to not talk about.  May I just say this is one of my most favorite quilts of all time.  It’s for Taylor, my best childhood friend and I started it, ahem, two years ago.  She began hinting pretty hard that she wanted a quilt from me so I asked her if, theoretically, I was to make her one, what her favorite colors were.  She responded with “lavender and paisley.”  Few things could better describe Amy Butler’s Love collection, which I’d already bought for her quilt!

I based the pattern off of Amy’s Sexy Hexy quilt pattern but I didn’t want the hexagons that big, nor did I want to applique the center hexies.  I had the fat quarter stack above to make the quilt out of and some coordinating solids so I figured out how big the hexagons would have to be to make the best use of the fabric.

As you can sort of see from the above picture, I sewed two sets of three strips together

and using a Super 60 ruler, cut the sections out:

3 full and two halves from each set, resulting in the sections for two full hexagons, one with the purple on the outside, one with the light blue on the outside.  I sewed three sections together and after laying them out on my design wall,

sewed the hexagon halves into strips and the strips together to make the quilt top.

The half sections were then sewn into full hexagons

and used on the back (that’s a lot of seams meeting in the middle!).The rest of the backing is a couple of the prints from Love in flannel, and small sections of the fat quarters I didn’t use on the quilt front.

Lindsay helped me quilt this beauty on her long arm machine Ursula in a lovely feather pattern with pale blue thread.  It’s bound with one of my favorite prints, water bouquet in midnight and labeled.

The day after I finished the quilt, Taylor’s dad asked me to make her one for Christmas.  What perfect timing!  That left me more time to work on another quilt I will get to show you soon.  Taylor received it from her dad the other night with exactly the reaction I could hope for,

I just wish I’d been able to see it first hand.

I hope you get many years of warm comfort from the quilt, Tay!  I love you, friend.  Hope you don’t mind I put this picture up here :)

Hexagons for Humpday #8

I actually made some good headway on this project while at the beach.  (The large sewn section is right side down, just because :)

237 hexagons sewn to another – 20%
140 papers removed – 12%
477 basted (and not sewn together) – 41%

I hadn’t actually been liking it very much until recently.  I still think the section is small enough that I pick out particular fabrics and the way they clash with their neighbors instead of seeing it as a whole.  It’s growing on me though, and I’m sure I’ll love it once it’s finished (if it ever is).

I started on a baby quilt today made with Kaffe Fasset stars and while I was at JoAnn’s I saw that the new Denyse Schmidt Quilts Collection, Sugar Hill has arrived!

I haven’t heard the buzz in blogland like there was for Picnic and Fairgrounds but I love what I saw!  I know I will be making some clothes and quilts with that fabric.  Most pattern envelopes show terrible representations of the pattern inside but I recently found a great website that shows you modern, stylish renderings and it has started a long list of patterns I want to buy.  (Well, what Make This Look actually does is find a dress they already like from somewhere like Anthropolgie or ModCloth and then finds the sewing pattern that best recreates it.)  A 5 for $5 sale on Simplicity patterns starts at JoAnn’s on Friday and I might just have to take advantage of that!

Okay, summer can end now.

Vacation is over and we are back home. It was such a lovely week at the beach with good friends that it’s sad coming back to the real world.
We went to Carolina Beach, just south of Wilmington NC and stayed in the same house we did last year which is a block from the ocean. It was really hot most of the days (and nights) but we cooked, ate, played games, drank a lot, sat on the porch, slept, laughed… everything you want from a vacation.

The Fat Pelican, one of the coolest bars ever.

I only got in the water a couple times. I’ve never really liked swimming in the ocean, actually. I got taken down by a wave in Hawaii when I was 8 and to this day, it still stresses me out to be amongst waves. I did finally get out there on the fourth day and thankfully, we were able to be in a shallow spot behind where the waves broke, so I could relax a little and enjoy myself.


I had set out with the goal of reading a book, doing a puzzle, and working on a quilt. I finished “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” one of my favorite books in high school (maybe even junior high?) and made a dent in “Geek Love” by Katherine Dunn, which I’m really enjoying so far (thanks for the recommendation Saylor!). I did not have a puzzle to take with me but there was plenty of Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, and Catch Phrase to go around. I had hoped to get my Single Girl quilt to the point where I could take it with me and begin hand quilting but that didn’t happen, so I grabbed my hexagons and made some headway (to be shown on Wednesday). I also crocheted a baby hat on the drive there, the cherub cheeked beanie.

We were told to bring linens so I brought our bed quilt, and though it turned out it wasn’t needed, it was a piece of home that made the bedroom cozy.

It’s hard to come back for work and all but it wouldn’t be a vacation if it lasted forever. I am now fully ready for fall to arrive and am looking into our next group trip possibility, a cabin in the mountains by a lake perhaps? Yes, please.

Hexagons for Hump Day #7.

It’s been so long since I did one of these posts! My hexagons have been languishing in their box for a few months now but after finishing that one quilt, I found myself missing the hand sewing. So out they came.

I don’t know what happened with this picture, it’s really poor quality. But you get the idea.


716 hexagons basted – 61%
201 sewn to another – 17%
28 papers removed – 2%

Finish it up!

Eeesh! I’m way late with this post but it’s still better than never! I’m joining with Meg at Fashioned by Meg and many others to get some projects off my to do list by August 15th! Although seeing as this is a summer challenge and the first day of fall is September 23rd, I might be a little lax with my deadline :) My WIP list is long (though not so long as I thought it was) but I’m confident that a few of these projects will get done.

Understanding my list: “What’s left:” may include things like piecing front, joining blocks, piecing back, quilting, and binding. “Probability of completion:” ratings are unlikely, fair, good, and excellent, referring to them being finished by August 15th-ish.

Ring of Fire

This was one of the first quilts I made (8 years ago) but I didn’t know what I was doing so I recently dug it out, cut the blocks apart, and plan to sew them back together with seams that actually match up :)

What’s left: joining of blocks, piecing of back, basting, quilting, binding

Probability of completion: good

Black White & Red Monster

I started this quilt years ago as well but didn’t feel like I had enough variety of fabric so I set it aside until finally finishing the piecing in November 2009. The back is made and the beast is half quilted. I don’t like the thread I chose to quilt it with (I was having a ton of tension problems) but I’m too far in to want to take it out.

What’s left: half of the quilting, binding

Probability of completion: fair

Large Hexagons

Yet another quilt that has languished for too long, I started this for a friend, intending it for her 25th birthday but now she’s 4 months into being 26 and I just want to be able to give it to her.

What’s left: piecing of half of the back, quilting (maybe on a long arm?), binding

Probability of completion: fair

Hexagon scrap quilt

I have been working on this for 15 months and it’s a work in slow progress. I have done a bit of updating in the past, with long intervals of no progress.

What’s left: a ton

Probability of completion: none (not anytime soon… in 2 years, maybe?)

Hope Valley boy quilt

I made a girl version of this quilt a couple months back, start to finish in five days. This one has taken a bit longer. I ran out of grey fabric and while I thought it was Kona coal, it apparently is not so I have to figure out way to incorporate a different shade of grey without ruining the effect of squares behind squares.

What’s left: piecing the top, quilting, binding.

Probability of completion: good

Single Girl, throw sized

This quilt is for a friend and pretty much everything else is a secret :) My goal however, is to finish this completely by Saturday and then I’ll show it off.

What’s left:
piecing the curves, quilting, binding

Probability of completion: excellent

Single Girl, queen sized

This quilt is for me, using an assortment of Denyse Schmidt fabrics. The background will be a gunmetal grey (Freespirit in Manatee to be exact) and I’m pretty excited about it.

What’s left: tracing and cutting out background, piecing the curves and back, quilting (longarm?), binding

Probability of completion: good

Suits and Ties

This is a commission I first received a long time ago, longer than I’d care to admit. It’s been a daunting project, a queen sized quilt made from suits and ties and other scrap fabric. I have the plan drawn up and about half the log cabin blocks started.

What’s left: piecing, backing, quilting (longarm?), binding, send off!

Probability of completion: good

Selvedge spiderweb

I have been working on this for 10 months and it will be worth all the time I’ve put into it.

What’s left: piecing, backing, quilting (longarm?), binding

Probability of completion: fair

Kona Cotton TMQG challenge

After a wonderfully generous donation of Kona cotton charm packs in the dusty palette from Robert Kaufman, the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild began a challenge that is due at our next meeting, July 10th. It’s been a fun project!

What’s left: joining rows, adding border(s), quilting, binding, show off!

Probability of completion: excellent

Tetris mini quilt

A friend of mine inquired about a tetris quilt for their newborn son (named Tetris!) and while the twin size quilt commission never came through, I was thrilled by the idea of a quilt based on a video game and immediately started a mini quilt.

What’s left: quilting, binding

Probability of completion: excellent

Quilts I can’t guarantee I won’t start before I finish these:
– Picnic quilt with DS Picnic and Fairgrounds
Modern Crosses with Denyse Schmidt fabrics
Ring of Stars baby quilt with Kaffe Fasset

Hexagons for Humpday #6

715 hexagons basted – 61%
120 sewn to another – 10%

I have now cut through my entire stash, other than the four fabrics I bought yesterday. But now comes the point of collecting scraps from other people. My Stitch&Bitch ladies have been awesome and will provide a lot, I think.
I dumped all the hexagons out to mix them up because you could definitely tell when I started cutting into my blues and blacks. It was kind of fun to toss them around and I realized I’d miscounted at some point. Progress is being made.I have continued to update the coloring sheet and it helps me feel like I’ve gotten pretty far. The colored in ones are the hexagons that are all sewn together, the individual outlined ones are attached in rows (or columns, technically), and the outlined flowers are the basted hexagons. The different colors are just to keep it interesting, there are no flower shapes in my quilt.

Hexagons for Humpday #5

600 hexagons basted – 51%
88 sewn to another – 7.5%

Passed the halfway mark! I have enough squares cut for 105 more hexagons and then I’ve gone through my entire stash and I’ll have to figure something else out. Anybody want to donate some scraps?

Hexagons for Humpday #4

This seems to have turned into a biweekly affair. And that’s okay. I just keep sewing a long and liking it a little bit more every time I work on it. I’m pretty anxious to see it all finished. I have cut pieces from almost all of my stash and still have nowhere near the needed amount. I might have to buy a cheater print or make some trades.

505 basted = 43%
80 sewn together = 7%

In other news, I finally painted my craft room! I went back and forth on colors and have mostly been broke these last few months but I decided to go for it. And I love it. It’s a kind of bright olive perhaps (which pictures do not capture) that’s called ‘Gecko.’ I finished the touch ups today and tomorrow I will paint the shelving backing and the inside of the closet and I’ll be so close to done! I have plans for the rest of the room and I’m really excited about it coming together. Now to get to all the other rooms in the house!

Hexagons for Humpday #3

I finally got our printer working so I could print out some more hexagons this week and though not a super productive week, it’s all coming along.

I also printed out Texas Freckles’ coloring sheet to keep up with my progress. After coloring in everything I have done, it feels like I’ve already come a long way! The fully colored ones are all sewn to each other, the individually outlined ones are sewn to one other hexagon each, and the general outlines (in different colors and flower shapes just to keep it interesting) are the basted ones.

I have however, decided to make mine bigger than 50″ x 60″ and go for at least 50″ x 72″ which means I need 7 more rows for a total of 1292 hexagons. BUT so as not to be too confusing I’ll keep my percentages according to the 1173 number (which means I’ll end up with 110% in the end).

465 basted = 40%