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Recent happenings.

I had a really long post written up, catching you up on all the latest happenings.

And then it felt like a chore, getting it done and getting everything in there.

So I deleted everything I wrote and will just say this: Instagram is on Android and I couldn’t be happier (except that it doesn’t upload to Flickr quite yet).  So, at least you can see what happened recently.  It includes a music festival in town put on by my friend Philip, fabric, beautiful weather, beer, and friends.  It was the best weekend ever.

I feel an amazing summer coming on.

A fun little challenge.

I got a little something in the mail this week all the way from Australia.

Caitlin told me a few weeks ago about a challenge being put forth by Umbrella Prints that I’m excited to take on.  Umbrella Prints is a textile house in South Australia that make hand printed organic fabrics and the challenge is that you buy a random pack of their trimmings (hemp/cotton fabric screen printed with eco-friendly inks) and then you have until May 31st to make something beautiful with them which you photograph and submit to them to win either Judge’s Choice or People’s Choice.It’s a pretty interesting mix of fabrics, mostly blues with some neon red-ish orange thrown in.  I think I know what I want to do, based off a quilt I pinned a few months back.  I’ll be sure to give more details when I get started and let you know when you can vote for my piece!

Post Sewing Summit Swap: the receiving.

While I was away in Kentucky, my wonderful swap package arrived. It was such a great thing to come back to!

Heather of Fiberosity made me a gorgeous mini quilt with paper pieced stars from Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars (she blogged about it here).  It’s a book Amanda talked about in her class at the Sewing Summit, after which I put it in my Barnes & Noble shopping cart where it sat, until I received this quilt.  Now I can’t wait to make lots of amazing stars!

Heather made four different ones and I love them all!  The quilt is just perfect.  But then not only that, she also sent along some out of print Heather Ross fabrics!!

I can’t wait to fussy cut them and make something lovely.  Those matryoshka dolls make me squeal :) Thank you so much, Heather for your wonderful gift!

A quick check in.

Things have been so busy in life recently that I’ve hardly had a chance to write about any of it!  I wanted to quickly check in and show you a mini quilt I made for a Post Sewing Summit Swap (my first online swap ever!) that I’m really happy with. The swap was for either a mini quilt or a zippy pouch and I went with a little of both!  I’ve wanted to make a dresden plate for a while now, especially after seeing Katherine’s beautiful quilt so that what I went with.I wanted to make something snowflake-ish but I only had that tiny piece of snowflake fabric used in the middle of the mini dresden.  I dug through my cool color scrap bin and using Elizabeth’s tutorial on Sew Mama Sew, came up with this.It’s backed in a print from DS Quilts’ Picnic and Fairgrounds, the white is linen from my stash, it’s quilted in a meandering pattern with white thread, bound in the leftovers from this quilt, and I used a label I made through Spoonflower for the first time!I’m also sending along a zippy wallet from Noodlehead’s pattern, a half apron from Alexander Henry print, and a travel tissue holder.  I hope my partner likes what I’ve made her, and I can’t wait to see what I receive in the mail!

Mail, etc.

I got a mystery package in the mail today from my aunt Lois.It ended up being a bag full of selvages collected from the women in her quilt guild and a very old box full of buttons that were my granny’s!(Camera phone @ nighttime = poor photos)
I have mourned the misplacement of my grandma’s jars of buttons while never thinking my other grandma might have had some. It is a neat old (shoe?) box that Lois thinks might have even been my great-grandmother’s. I’d like to figure out some way to display it. I will put those selvages to quick use as I plug away at my spiderwebs.The class schedule was released a couple days ago and I have registered for what I want to take at the Sewing Summit! If there’s room in all of them I’m going to take Documenting Your Creativity– Blogging and Social Media, Improv Piecing (by Jess of Urban Patchwork), Photographing Your Creations, Quilting at Home (with Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew), Creative Fabric Selection (taught by Jeni of In Color Order), and Marvelous Minis (taught by my idol, Amanda of MsMcPorckchop!). There is also a shop hop the day we get there; I can’t wait for October!I joined another challenge with my guild, this time based around Jay McCarroll’s Habitat line, a generous donation of fat eighths from FreeSpirit. (I had no idea until a couple weeks ago that he won the first season of Project Runway!) We will be picking up the fabric at our meeting in a couple weeks and it’ll be due in October (which I may or not make it to because of my trip to Utah). I have a possible idea for this and a possible recipient of it. I’m always up for a challenge! (Photo from Spool.)

Spending, spending.

I had to take in my Singer today to see about the jamming I complained about recently. I was hoping it was an easy fix but the entire bobbin mechanism will have to be taken apart and put back together again. Apparently a $400 machine can become a $0 machine if something breaks. I don’t want to be to blame for something like that. So another $90 it is for another sewing machine tune up. It makes me both glad and annoyed that I have three machines.

The good news is that the problem with my ruffler foot turned out to just be a threading/tension/forgetting to put the foot down problem (silly me) and that I came home to a lovely package in the mail with the coolest hippopotamus tape on it.
I have often been annoyed at the price of zippers when wanting to make a small bag or pouch. I can justify a $3 zipper on a dress but not when I want to make 20+ bags for the craft faire. Enter ZipIt! I saw the button on some blog’s sidebar (I’m sorry I don’t remember which!), placed an order, and 4 days later (today) I received 100 8″ zippers for $27 and any future purchase is 10% off! Bring on the pouch making.