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Finally, a finish!

I haven’t been very productive on the quilting front lately but I did finish the Summer Breeze Picnic quilt this week from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts and I love it!

I added ties to one end while I was sewing on the binding so that it can be rolled and tied up.  I’m happy with how compact it is while still being a nice size when spread out.

You can see my first post about this quilt here.  I was going to back it in one vintage sheet but the one I had used on the front had a lot of yellowing on it so I used what I could of it, scraps from the front, and another vintage sheet from my stash.

I quilted it in vertical organic lines with a dark sage colored thread and bound it with a green gingham from Denyse Schmidt and the same solid blue as the front.  I matched the binding seams with the quilt design for the first time and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Hopefully I’ll get to put this utilitarian quilt to good use soon!

Hiking around Roanoke.

I went up to Roanoke last weekend to work on a quilt with Lindsay (that I will be able to reveal in all it’s beauty next week) and hang out with my best friend Catherine.  On Saturday afternoon we went on a couple short hikes with her dog Django, her friend Ryan, and his dog Harold.  It was a beautiful day.  Hopefully this spring will be filled with hikes with my dogs.


I wanted to post a quick recap about the last couple weeks, including the visit with my mom Kerrie and aunt Reen.  They came to see me from California for almost a week and were so generous with their time (cleaning) and money; I’m glad they came!

We did a couple touristy things that I wouldn’t probably do by myself like go to the Reynolda House.  It’s the historical home of RJ Reynolds (a very attractive man, as it turns out) that houses both the original furniture and history, as an art museum, currently showing Modern Masters from the Smithsonian.  I really enjoyed the whole experience.  There are also beautiful gardens near the home that while not in season, are still well manicured and lovely.  The garden is surrounded in weeping cherry trees that are probably gorgeous in spring (future quilt photography site?); I’ll definitely be returning.

We drove up to Asheville for a day and it was a beautiful day with the perfect fall colors. I had never been to Asheville before and didn’t really know what to do with the few hours we had so we wandered around the arts district by the river a little bit, ate at the Early Girl, went into the Grove Arcade,

and lots of other little shops.  There’s a lot of really interesting history there (not that I know it, I just know it’s there) and so much art and busking. At only two hours away, and a lovely drive at that, I’ll definitely go up there again.

We ate a lot of good food while they were here including 6th and Vine, Mellow Mushroom, Breakfast of Course, and First Street Draught House, while I made steak tacos, mini broccoli pesto lasagnas, and chili.  Yum!  They were really gracious and bought me so many great things I needed like a bath mat, a Swiffer-like cleaner, an immersion blender (even though it was 4 times more expensive than thought!), a nice little cat perch for the window, dishes, soap, chocolate, and a massage!  They also mowed both yards, scrubbed my shower, mopped the whole upstairs, and did countless dishes.  I wish they were around all the time! :)

While it was great to have them around, I didn’t realize how much time I usually have to myself.  After I took them to the airport I spent the day laying around, doing pretty much nothing. I’m enjoying some alone time before Holly comes next week!

I finally finished a Swoon block!

Goodness gracious, this quilt is so labor intensive, especially when I’m trying to make two at one time and have sewn a few things wrong.  The coloring of this picture is off but this quilt is both a gift and part of the Habitat challenge in the Modern Quilt Guild (and I am using three different neutrals).  Unlike most people, from what I’ve gathered, I love this line and bought a half yard set and would like to get more.  I can already tell I’m going to love this quilt.

The weather has been lovely and wonderfully autumnal but today it took a turn for the cold this weekend.  (It was 74 yesterday and it’s more like 40 today.)  I turned the heat on for the first time and am making Herbed White Bean and Sausage Stew for dinner.

Tomorrow is the big Halloween party at work.  You have to dress up to get in, hundreds of people come, and all out friends play in amazing cover bands.  Last yea the boyfriend and I only stayed for half of it but we saw the Zombies which were amazing.  This year will be Weezer, Led Zeppelin, Dick Dale, the Buzzcocks, and Nirvana.  I’m working it and I’m really looking forward to it.  Pictures to come!

Tomorrow is also Marcus’s birthday!  Whoo!  I bought him a little something and I think we’ll go to dinner.  Nothing fancy but he (we) isn’t too hard to please :)

Hopefully I’ll have more crafty photos to share soon!

Ta Da!

My new blog is up!  It’s nothing fancy but considering I learned both WordPress and Photoshop/Illustrator to put it all together myself, I’m pretty darn proud of it.  I already like WordPress much better than Blogger (and I can give a more detailed comparison in a couple weeks, if anyone wants to know).  There are still a couple kinks to work out so bear with me.  I spent a lot of time compiling a list of all the quilts I’ve ever made so take a look around!  The next step is getting my store up which I’m really excited and anxious about.

Last night was this month’s quilt guild meeting and I had a really good time. I was finally able to show off the three quilts I worked on at Lindsey’s a few weeks back and a group of us went out afterwards again for Mexican food. We also received the fabric fr our next challenge! FreeSpirit very graciously donated fat eighth bundles of Jay McCarrol’s Habitat line to our guild and we have to make something by October. I won’t be at that meeting due to the Sewing Summit but I’m excited about this project and seeing what everyone else turns out! I am pretty in love with this line, it’s very 80s, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. We can add solids to it only so this might take some thinking!

The drive home from the meeting was awesome. I was driving into a storm and could see the clouds light up with lightening for 40 miles before I actually was in it. Even then there were multiple strikes of lightening from one end of the sky to the other. I love storms and this was one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.  I tried to take pictures but that doesn’t work so well while driving.

I was hoping to get my Single Girl quilt basted so I could take it to Stitch ‘n’ Bitch tonight but that didn’t happen. I did get the back finished this morning and will hopefully get it together in time for a sewing date my friend Caitlin next weekend! I’m really looking forward to hanging out with her. I met her through the guild, she just moved from DC, works at Spoonflower, and seems like an fun person. I’m sure it will be good times.

Speaking of the Single Girl quilt, it’s the last day of the Finish It Up challenge!  I don’t have as many projects finished as I’d set out to complete but I made some definite progress!

1. Ring of fire – no progress – I might scrap it, I haven’t decided.
2. Black White & Red Monster – no progress
3. Large hexagonsfinished!
4. Hexagon scrap quilt – worked on it a lot at the beach, pictures on Wednesday!
5. Hope Valley boy – no progress, still indecisive
6. Single Girl throwfinished!
7. Single Girl queen – back is pieced, ready to be basted
8. Suits & Ties – no progress
9. Selvage spiderwebs – half of the blocks are finished
10. Kona cotton TMQG challengefinished!
11. Tetris mini quiltfinished!
12. Hexagonal Christmas tree skirt – blocks pieced
13. Far Far Away plus quilt finished!

Thanks to Meg for setting this up and congratulations to everyone that participated and crossed some things off the list!  You can always check my WIP tab up top to see what I’m currently working on.

My 27th year: weeks 6 and 7.

36/365 Collecting extinguishers.37/365 Separation.38/365 Front yard fungus.39/365 Single girl (top and backing completed).40/365 Antique churn dash.41/365 Roaring Run.42/365 Kona solids challenge (top and backing completed)43/365 Yard flamingos.44/365 Ball of Amos.45/365 Vintage fabric.
46/365 Flowers.
47/365 I love this house. It looks to be not taken care of very well but the mildew streaked enclosed sun porch, the curved roof over the rounded door, the overgrown plants keeping a sense of secrecy… I’d live there.
48/365 Lump of kitty. His favorite hiding place.
49/365 Golden world after a storm.

Roaring Run, VA.

Friday night was, among other things, Red Clay River’s last show. There was a lot of emotion in that place. I had rushed up there from the gallery opening and made it just in time to watch their whole set. There were some tears and lots of hugs, both on stage and after their performance. It feels a bit like the end of some era…
I stayed the night with my friend Catherine and slept well on her couch under an antique quilt. After a quick trip for coffee, we went up to Roaring Run, a easy hiking trail about 45 minutes North of Roanoke. I filled up my memory card with pictures.

Everything was so green.Catherine gave me some shoes to wear (and keep).The river water was cold.Her dog Jango came a long and had the best time.

He jumped and played in the water, getting good and messy.

There were some natural slides, flat rocks the river ran down that people (kids) slide down into pools at the bottom.

The trail is only about 2 miles round trip but it ends at a waterfall that was gorgeous (it’s maybe about 30ft).

I did slip and fall on a rock, getting my shorts all wet and my finger bent out of shape, but the camera was safe.

At the end of the trail there is an iron furnace. Built sometime between 1832 and 1838, it produced 800 tons of metal before it “went out of blast” in 1854 (information from here).

We stopped at Blue Collar Joe’s for some donuts on the way back to Roanoke. Catherine made a quick dinner and we sat on their perfect porch and watched a storm pass. It was a lovely day and I have no idea why I had never been there before. There is quite a bit of good hiking in that part of Virginia and I think we’re going to try to hike together more often, perhaps on Tuesdays, our shared day off.

Tuesdates, commence.

My 27th year: week 5.

29/365 Hydrant.30/365 Kona solids challenge.

31/365 Baby quilt (revealed very soon).
32/365 This is one of my favorite houses in our neighborhood. The curved door with the dogwood stained glass window, the stone on the chimney, the wood slat siding up top, the rocking chairs…
33/365 Today’s bloom. I love how it looks like three stacked flowers.
34/365 Back side.
35/365 Quiche.