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I was such a prolific blogger for a while and now I’ve been missing in action. Oh well, hopefully y’all are still here and it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on some things!

My birthday was back on May 17th and to celebrate, Ian and I went camping on Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks. It’s a bit of a trek, at least 7 hours including a ferry ride, but it was so worth it.IMG_0723


This was our campsite when we arrived.  Right up that path on the left was the ocean.IMG_0740

We did our best to eat well.  There was not open fires allowed so we had to use a grill but made it work.  We had sausage with caramelized onion, garlic, beans, and roasted corn, we went to a fish market in town and got fresh Mahi and made tacos, and I made chocolate cake in an orange peel (an old Boy Scouts recipe) and brought homemade marshmallows and graham crackers.

IMG_0732  IMG_0736 IMG_0756 IMG_0761IMG_0771IMG_0716

Also, thanks to a hand grinder and pour over supplies from Krankies (where I work), we were able to make really good iced coffee, a must for the two of us :)

IMG_0734 The highlights of the trip were two things I was not able to photograph.  The first night we saw bioluminescent waves and it was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen. Ian had told me about it on the drive out there and I kinda didn’t believe him but it’s a real thing!  Then the second night there was a huge thunderhead out over the ocean with nearly constant lightening flashing inside the cloud, with only a few streaks coming down to the water.  It lasted late into the night; it was weird to wake up in the tent and see a sky full of stars yet flashes of light to the east.

IMG_0755 IMG_0743 IMG_0753It was a really fun trip and I look forward to going out there again.  The town on the island was really cute, definitely touristy, but not in the humongous beach mansion kind of way.  It’d be fun to rent a bungalow there with some friends for a week.  I am determined to make this a multiple camping and beach trip year!

Has it really been this long?!

I have been crazy busy and distracted lately, but I can hardly believe I have neglected this space for so long!  I’m so sorry guys; I’ve missed you!  (Sorry the photos aren’t the best quality, they’re from Instagram.)

This first half of May was spent cutting, cutting, cutting,

and sewing, sewing, sewing (thanks to gutenTAGS for the rush printing of more labels!!)to make things to sell at the Hand to Hand Market this past weekend,

which, as it happened, didn’t go very well.  I don’t know what happened but the attendance was not what was expected by anyone.  It was nice to hang out with Caitlin for a day though, we met a couple other really awesome vendors, Andy and Nicole, and I have very little more to do to get ready for the Krankies Craft Faire in July, so that’s pretty nice.

The week before the market I was fortunate enough to go to the beach with some friends for my birthday!  I spent 4 days in Emerald Isle with a fun group of people and got to begin my 27th year relaxing with a good book and the ocean.

I went from the beach to Columbia South Carolina to see my friend Joe and my favorite band, mewithoutYou.  The show was so good.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you might have seen something I posted afterwards that said, “I fell in love with a boy @mewithoutYou tonight.  We danced next to each other & then he shook my hand & walked out of my life.” to which mewithoutYou responded “missed connections, find him!”  Am I the post-to-missed-connections type?  Why not!  *blush*

So coming back to town, it was right back to work Monday morning and I have begun moving into my new place.  I wish I could fast forward and just get in there and get settled but it’ll probably be a two week process and it will definitely be a sparsely decorated house for a while.  But I’ve never lived alone and I’m really excited about it!I don’t have too much on the creative front right now.  I have May’s LMP+QG project to get started on, another quilt I REALLY need to finish, and I’m anxious to finish the hand quilting on my Single Girl quilt which is taking forever.

Sorry again for my absence but thank you for sticking around!  I’ll be back soon, I promise. xo