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Trying to find the perfect button up: Archer.

I’m still on my quest to find the perfect button up shirt that I can fill my closet with and this is almost there.  The Archer by Grainline Studio is a classic button up shirt that has a lot of potential.


As soon as I received the pattern, I knew I wanted to use this plaid from my stash (another gift from Laura; I’m noticing a trend!), which meant my first foray into pattern matching.  I read Lauren’s post on it and tried to match the horizontal striping around the bodice.  I could have done better with the vertical striping, too, but it’s a small/busy enough plaid that it works.  I decided to cut the button placket, sleeve cuffs, back yoke, and pockets on the bias, which breaks up the pattern a bit, for better or worse.


Overall, the shirt just feels too big.  I made a size 12 based on my measurements but the sleeves are way too long, the pockets are too large and too low, and for someone that likes more fitted clothing, it just feels too baggy.


I do, however, really like collar stands.  And I like the way Jen has you attach it.  Since this fabric didn’t have a wrong and right side, I accidentally attached quite a few pieces of the shirt backwards, you can’t really tell.


I was happy to try a different kind of sleeve placket, though I think I’ll do the Hawthorn style next time.  I chose to use snaps because my machine is not too keen on buttonholes (though I occasionally borrow my studio mate’s machine).  I would have loved to use red ones but alas, my snap stash is dwindling.


With a few adjustments, this just might make a perfect button up.

Previously Unbloggable #3

When Taylor’s dad asked me to make her a quilt and I had in fact just finished one for her, he asked me to make one for his younger son Casey, and of course I said yes! Casey was a good friend of my brother’s growing up but I haven’t known him for quite a few years so I had to ask Dan what might suit him. He said, “earthtone plaid mismatched” and this is what I came up with.

I found it hard to get plaid quilting fabrics so I decided to use thrifted plaid shirts. I bought 12 or so large shirts and cut them apart into the largest pieces I could and then cut out 6½ inch 45° triangles (using Simplicity Studio Simpli-EZ 45° triangle template), saving the shirt backs for the quilt backing.  I used almost all of the Essex linen in putty I had left as the solid (I went through 10 yards of that much easier than I thought I would!) and put together the kaleidoscope blocks.The back is the aforementioned shirt backs, some homespun green plaid, and the Essex linen.It’s quilted on Ursula the long arm in a pattern called Calm Water in a tan thread, bound with more shirt scraps,and labeled.

I hope you love it, Casey!  May it bring you much warmth on those cold, rainy Humbolt nights.