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Finally: Sewing Summit, a gift, & a quilt

It’s been so long since I’ve made myself sit down to write.  It’s so hard to make the time sometimes!  I have a lot to catch up on.

Sewing Summit this year was fun.  It wasn’t as great as last year but I had a great time traveling with Caitlin and getting to wander around the city a little bit more than last year.

Class registration was a bit of a mess this year so I got 7 lectures and one hands on, a class in which I made a maxi skirt.  It was taught by the lovely Leanne Barlow and the skirt was so easy and is so comfortable that I want to make many more.  I loved Mena Trott‘s class on a handmade wardrobe and I’m so inspired to keep sewing clothing and to one day fill my whole closet.

Funny story: the one person I really wanted to meet at Summit was Katy from I’m A Ginger Monkey.  We crossed paths a couple of times but never really introduced ourselves.  A couple days after I’d returned home, she tweeted at me that she, and a girl named Laura, has a girl crush on me and that she was nervous to talk to me because she thought I was way too cool.  I couldn’t believe it!  I totally though she was the cool kid!  It bums me out that we didn’t both put our anxiety aside and talked to each other!  We could have been best friends!  Oh well; we will continue on in the internet world and one day we will meet again.

I left Salt Lake City so inspired and ready to sew.  It’s been hard to get myself into the studio but I’ve made a couple things.  My dear friend Rose wrote to me recently saying she’s beginning to do some embroidery.  She is in a band that tours a lot so I made her a travel embroidery kit with my favorite Aneela Hooey fabric and some sparkly linen.

There is a needle book with pockets for 5 embroidery thread spools and a pocket in the back, a pincushion (using the pattern from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts), and a bag to carry it all in.  I went with kind of a weird color scheme but I’m loving the green Chicopee print with the grey.  I hope she likes it!One of my favorite little details is the pull tab of a book with an elephant on the cover :)

I also finished a baby quilt that I was supposed to have completed a long time ago.  I really hope to make commissions a larger part of my work but I need to get better about sticking to deadlines and communicating (including saying no sometimes).

They wanted trees to be part of the design and I had a hard time coming up with a way to create that and still stick to my aesthetic.  When I saw this quilt kit at a shop, I thought I had the design.  I bought the Lotta Jansdotter’s Belle collection but not wanting to to be too Halloween-y, I added fabrics (including some of Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee, Lizzy House’s pearl bracelet, and Amy Butler, to name a few) on the pattern adding a few other fabrics until I came up with this, which I love.It is 5 by 6 blocks measuring 50″ by 60″.  It’s backed with an assortment of fabrics from the front, quilted with a meandering pattern in pale grey thread, bound in Belle’s scattered dot in charcoal, and simply labeled with one of my little tags. I also whipped up something I had seen on Pinterest a long time ago.  I used some red vinyl I’ve had for a while and covered my Moleskine notebook I use to design quilts and make lists.  I love it!

To lay on and to hold on.

I am in love with this new pillow.

I made this block in Jess’s wonderful Improv Piecing class at Sewing Summit back in October and as soon as it was finished, I knew it had to become a pillow.  So what if it only took me three months?  :)I surrounded it in Alexander Henry’s Heath in black, quilted it in a pale grey thread by following some of the natural lines in the block and sewing on on both sides of them, and bound it in white, and closed it with an envelope back.

I’ve also made a few bags and pouches recently for various things.Using Jeni’s wonderful and oh-so-popular lined drawstring bag tutorial, I made a bag for my herringbone cowl out of one of my favorite Aneely Hooey Little Apples prints, a red dot from my stash, and a DS Quilts print for the ties (I really should buy a bolt of that stuff!),

one for that portable speaker system I got a couple weeks ago (the first one, on the far left, was a little too small but the second one fit just right, both out of Jay McCarroll Habitat prints and coordinating solids),

and a triangle pouch for my binding clips from this tutorial, also out of a Habitat print.  Thanks Jeni for such a great project!

Post Sewing Summit Swap: the receiving.

While I was away in Kentucky, my wonderful swap package arrived. It was such a great thing to come back to!

Heather of Fiberosity made me a gorgeous mini quilt with paper pieced stars from Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars (she blogged about it here).  It’s a book Amanda talked about in her class at the Sewing Summit, after which I put it in my Barnes & Noble shopping cart where it sat, until I received this quilt.  Now I can’t wait to make lots of amazing stars!

Heather made four different ones and I love them all!  The quilt is just perfect.  But then not only that, she also sent along some out of print Heather Ross fabrics!!

I can’t wait to fussy cut them and make something lovely.  Those matryoshka dolls make me squeal :) Thank you so much, Heather for your wonderful gift!

A quick check in.

Things have been so busy in life recently that I’ve hardly had a chance to write about any of it!  I wanted to quickly check in and show you a mini quilt I made for a Post Sewing Summit Swap (my first online swap ever!) that I’m really happy with. The swap was for either a mini quilt or a zippy pouch and I went with a little of both!  I’ve wanted to make a dresden plate for a while now, especially after seeing Katherine’s beautiful quilt so that what I went with.I wanted to make something snowflake-ish but I only had that tiny piece of snowflake fabric used in the middle of the mini dresden.  I dug through my cool color scrap bin and using Elizabeth’s tutorial on Sew Mama Sew, came up with this.It’s backed in a print from DS Quilts’ Picnic and Fairgrounds, the white is linen from my stash, it’s quilted in a meandering pattern with white thread, bound in the leftovers from this quilt, and I used a label I made through Spoonflower for the first time!I’m also sending along a zippy wallet from Noodlehead’s pattern, a half apron from Alexander Henry print, and a travel tissue holder.  I hope my partner likes what I’ve made her, and I can’t wait to see what I receive in the mail!

The Sewing Summit.

The Sewing Summit was better than I ever could have imagined.

The morning I was leaving I finally finished my weekender bag and threw together a little pouch for my Q-tips and band aids, a new tea wallet, and a little book for my bobby pins, all out of my Habitat fabric (well, except the weekender which is made with Amy Butler Lotus).

The first morning there I awoke to a beautiful sunrise over the amazing mountains.There was nothing planned for the conference on Friday so Lindsay and I went with the perfect group of ladies, Amanda, Angela, Jessica, Jeni, and Amanda, on our own little shop hop.  We went to a Halloween village (Amanda just about died),a couple great fabric stores (more pictures on Stitched in Color, including one of me) where I bought these beautiesand a wonderful yarn shop called Blazing Needles.(when the wind blows, the knitting needles in the sculpture move back and forth as if they are knitting)I bought a skein of alpaca/wool yarn in Swimming Pool blue and started a herringbone cowl (which I love so far, I can’t wait to finish!).  Angela, Lindsay, and Jessica bought yarn and needles and along with Katherine and Karyn, learned how to knit.

We also got a bunch of free things, half of which was not so exciting, but a few things that were awesome (I think that was the word of the weekend)The best thing was probably a gift in Jeni’s color class, that lovely booklet at the back, a Robert Kaufman Kona cotton color card!  Between the batting sampler and Amanda’s wonderful mini quilt class, I’m ready to make seven minis!

So I took Jeni’s color class, Amanda’s mini quilt class, a class on photography from Vanessa of V&Co, blogging and social networking from Dana of Old Red Barn Co, and improv piecing with Jess of Urban Patchwork where I proudly made thisIt was so inspiring, I really want to make an improv quilt now (like this one of hers)!  I might make this block into a commemorative pillow and dig into my scraps and make more blocks!

The weekend flew by too quickly and leaving didn’t come without a few tears.  Our lovely group (save Lindsay and Angela who had left already) took some pictures together that make me so happy.  (My camera was a little blurry for some reason but I don’t mind too much.)I’m waiting for more pictures to show up in Flickr because there are so many more lovely ones.  Karyn (above right) is from Toronto, along with Katherine, and I adored them both;  I really want to go visit them.

It was a sorrowful goodbye but we all stayed hopeful that we’ll see each other again soon.

Thank you immensely to Erin and Amy for putting this whole weekend together and I can’t wait for next year!  Time to get to work with my spoils.


I had an absolutely fantastic time at the Sewing Summit this weekend. I have made it home, though not without a few tears. I think I made some lifelong friends and that makes me smile. I have some pictures to go through and thoughts to gather and I’ll write a better post about it.