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For Scout.

My dear friend Emma commissioned this for a friend who was having her first baby.  She told me mellow, with pops of color, but something sophisticated. When I saw this painting on Pinterest, I knew it had to become this quilt, which quickly became a favorite.


I backed it in a polka dot sheet I thrifted, a couple extra blocks, and some coordinating fabrics from my stash.


It’s longarm quilted with a loopy bubble pattern in off-white thread,


and it’s bound in the leftover binding from another quilt.

It washed up so wonderfully soft and both Emma and her friend loved it.  I hope Scout loves it, too!


(This photo, by the way, includes a mural I helped my friend Laura paint this summer at a local park that spread over 4 large walls.)

Lamp redo.

I recovered this lamp weeks ago and I’m just getting around to showing it off!IMG_0878

I found this lamp at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store and loved the shape of it but the base was a tan yellow color and the shade was cracked.  I swear I saw a photo from quilt market a few times back with a lamp similar to this in the background of Anna Maria Horner‘s booth, but I can’t seem to find it again. I loved it when I saw it and knew it’s what I wanted to do to this one.

I pieced three feathers using remnants of this pillow, and using a template I made by tracing the curvature of the shade, pieced turquoise sections to complete the circle. I stretched it over the old shade and using fabric glue, rolled the edges over the top and bottom. I spray painted the base a glossy white, and voila!IMG_0881

I love it!

Finally, a finish!

I haven’t been very productive on the quilting front lately but I did finish the Summer Breeze Picnic quilt this week from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts and I love it!

I added ties to one end while I was sewing on the binding so that it can be rolled and tied up.  I’m happy with how compact it is while still being a nice size when spread out.

You can see my first post about this quilt here.  I was going to back it in one vintage sheet but the one I had used on the front had a lot of yellowing on it so I used what I could of it, scraps from the front, and another vintage sheet from my stash.

I quilted it in vertical organic lines with a dark sage colored thread and bound it with a green gingham from Denyse Schmidt and the same solid blue as the front.  I matched the binding seams with the quilt design for the first time and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Hopefully I’ll get to put this utilitarian quilt to good use soon!

Snippets of my house.

My new apartment is coming together, slowly but surely.  I painted my bedroom and living room in the last couple weeks and I love it so much.  Most of it is a pale grey called Grey Owl with an accent wall in the living room called Sunshine (maybe the brightest yellow ever) and one in the bedroom called Hot Lips (magenta).  I’m saving up for a trip to Ikea for a couple things and my friend Laura has very graciously given me three tables.  It’s definitely not done but I took a few photos this morning.

I thrifted this mirror for $2 and spray painted it.  It’s coincidentally nearly the same yellow as the opposite wall.

My favorite way to organize everything.

I thrifted this shelf with hooks, the mirror, and the brass candlesticks.  The candle is from my friend Sarah and the magnolia print is by the wonderful Andy Kurtts, whom I met at the Hand 2 Hand Market.This is art by my talented friends.  From left to right there are pieces by Liz Simmons, Zap McConnell, another one by Liz, Caleb Williams, and Molly Bolton.


The ergonomics of my sewing room suck.  I’m ashamed to admit that my sewing table and my cutting table are the same table.  Ugh, I know.  There should be at least an 6″ height difference between them so it’s too high to sew on and too low to cut on.

But I make do.  It mostly means I need to break it all up, sew a little, cut a little, iron some, lay on the floor, ya know.  So a day full of cutting was hard on my back.  I took a stack of 12 or 14 plaid button up shirts and cut them into flat pieces, ready to be cut again into triangles and sewn into kaleidoscope blocks.  I am debating changing the layout from this mock up I made to this pattern.  Opinions?

A bit of thrifting #6

I went to the Rescue Mission this week for the first time in a while.

I got three vintage sheets (did I mention I might make the yoyo quilt with vintage sheets?  I’m especially trying to collect stripes), a 1500 piece puzzle (of wet fruit and flowers? Of course.), and some plaid shirts that will soon become part of a quilt commission that I’m really excited about (in addition to 15 or so other plaid print shirts).

A bit of thrifting, #5.

My friend Taylor and I went thrifting a couple days ago. We had thought we might go to three or four different places but just one ended up being enough. Mega Thrift is a huge thrift store just south of here that is packed full of color-coded things. I was hoping for a vintage sheet jackpot but no such luck – I got two pillowcases.
I did get a couple pieces of yardage.
Nothing has any info on the selvedges but the floral on top is about 3 yards, the stripe is 4 yards of 36″wide, and the heavier woven stripe is 2 yards. The cottons might become quilt backings and the blue might become a bag. I didn’t think I was crazy about any of them but the longer I look at the stripe (in the middle), the more I like it.
I also bought this crazy leather jacket/dress thing because it was only 10 dollars for real leather that I can easily turn into a few clutches.

I bought a pair of lamps that don’t seem to entirely work, which bums me out. The light inside the globe works but the bulb on top doesn’t, nor are there shades. I might fiddle a little bit and see if I can’t get them working.

I also bought a box of Singer machine attachments, hoping they just might fit my featherweight but alas, the parts require a higher shank. They are for a 503 series Singer Slant-o-Matic and the drawing of that machine in the manual looks pretty awesome! Maybe I’ll keep the parts around and hope to find the machine they belong to :)
Two different friends let me know about sewing machines at thrift stores yesterday and I went to check one of them out today. I don’t remember the manufacturer but it was turquoise and looked to be in good condition and only $25 but I couldn’t quite convince myself to get it. I already have four sewing machines (my Pfaff, my Singer featherweight, an antique Singer in a cabinet that doesn’t work, and the serger), I need another like I need a hole in my head.

A bit of thrifting #4

Saturday is never my thrift store day but I hadn’t been this week so I stopped by, and I’m so glad I did. The bedding pile has become huge recently but I like digging through it. The vintage sheets were slim pickin’s today but I came out with an antique quilt!

It is mostly churn dash blocks with one row of something different, a block I can’t find the name of (it’s like a diamond in the middle of an unequal nine patch, up top). Some of the pieces have worn through and the batting I sticking out but I can only guess how old it is and I’d say that’s allowed.
There are cohesive blocks,
and scrappy blocks.

I love the places where you can tell they used what they had. The bottom of one of those peach squares wasn’t big enough so they added a little pink to lengthen it. I wish I had the guts to make a scrappy quilt like this.
Now I am left deciding where to put it. It seems too fragile to use regularly but I am so in love with it, I want to see it. It makes me wish we had a guest bedroom where it could be kept on a seldom used bed. There is no quilting history in my family that I know of, so this is the first old, handmade quilt I’ve owned and it makes me very happy. I wish it was autumn and I could curl up under it with a book and a cup of tea (can you tell the summer heat is getting to me already?).
I also got a new puzzle, some little Corning ware tea cups (I love the curvy handles), and a couple vintage pillow cases.

A bit of thrifting.

I had some good luck with the vintage sheets at the Mission today. A few of them smelled like they came from the same house, even after I washed them. So, they might need a couple more washes. But I really love some of these!
I don’t usually like using a flash but I liked how it blackened out the back a bit.

I also got a mirror that I’m going to spray paint a shiny black (that’s why the mirror part is taped off). It was a little pricey at 10$ but I think it’ll be pretty awesome. All those sheets, a dress, and the mirror for 21$ is still a deal.